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At Panelict Technologies and Consulting, we are the best digital consulting firm in Abuja, delivering cutting-edge technology and expert project management to facilitate seamless digital transformation for businesses. Our services span various industries and are tailored to deliver exceptional results that catapult our clients to success.

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Digital Consulting Firm

We are delighted to introduce Panelict Technologies and Consulting, which is anchored in Abuja. This esteemed organization is renowned for being a top-of-the-range digital consulting firm in the technology industry. Panelict is distinguished by the provision of unmatched services in technology consulting, digital transformation, and project management. The firm’s pristine reputation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to expertise and professionalism.

Regardless of the business sector, may it be in education, fashion, energy, retail, or even underwater basket weaving, Panelict ensures unparalleled delivery of outcomes. 

Our exceptional skills have been acknowledged by clients who have entrusted the firm with their digital processes.

Our Digital Consulting Services

 Discover our expert solutions below and reach new heights with Panelict Technologies and Consulting. Contact us now.

Web Design & Development Services

Digital Marketing

CAC Registration Services

Brand name Registration Services

Project Management

Graphic Design and Branding services

Professional Content Writing Services!

Content Writing

E-commerce Consulting Services

Edu Tech Consulting

Talent Training & Development Services


Experience the power of digital transformation! Check out our portfolio of successful digital projects delivered to businesses and organizations worldwide. See how we’ve helped our clients achieve their goals and drive growth through innovative digital solutions. Let’s take your business to the next level, together!


Oke-Ogun Gazette is a News outlet that is covering the latest news in the region of Oke-Ogun zone in Oyo State.

Huzhak Steel

Huzhak Steel Ventures offers high-quality steel products, and services for construction companies, & other industrial uses.


Hon. Prince Olaide Lateef

Official website of Honorable Prince Olaide Lateef Mohammed (Polam). The member of House of Representative, 10th Nat. Assembly.

Adept Minds Montessori

Adept Minds Montessori Academy offers supportive & inspirational environments for young enquiring minds to learn & grow with us.


Better Half Marriage

Better Half Marriage Consult is a Lagos based Premarital & Marial Counsellor Organization. They offer Islamic marital counselling.
Rahmon Oseni & Sons Enterprises

Rahmon Oseni & Sons

Rahmon Oseni and Sons Enterprises offers high-quality steel products for construction and other industrial use.


Our Customers

Choose the Best Digital Consulting Firm in Abuja. With 100+ satisfied clients, Panelict Technologies offers top-notch solutions for growth and success. Join us now.


Choose the Best Digital Consulting Firm in Abuja. With 100+ satisfied clients, Panelict Technologies offers top-notch solutions for growth and success. Join us now.

"Your work looks great! It's clear that you care about your design and take the time to do it correctly. I especially liked that you asked the client about their design preferences before creating their website, and I'm excited to see what you do next."​
Abu Unaysah Ibraheem
Director, Better Half Marriage Consult, Nigeria
Excellent, working with Panelict Technologies and Consulting Limited was great. Thanks to their knowledge, skills and determination, they ensure our website looks great and functions really well. I recommend anyone that is looking for a reliable website to give them a call and speak with Ahmed Eniola, they will guide you in the right direction.
Kudirat Onigbinde
MD, Optimak Clinic, Lagos
"The team lead by Ahmed Eniola has been highly creative, accommodating, understanding and more friendly. The peak of their responsibility is excellent character coupled with unraveleded human relation. Their results are always great and are so joyful to watch, even when overpricing people is never their goal. If you're thinking of moving to the next level, I recommend Panelict Technologies and Consulting Ltd for you".​
Ustadh Tirimisiy Abdulwaasi (Assoutudeen)
Founder & Managing Director, Assoutudeen Farms, Nigeria
At Panelict Consulting and Technologies limited, their work is top-notch, Mashaa Allaah. It has helped An-nubalaa International Academy with beautiful web designs that captivate the awareness of the public. Simple designs, yet the very best! I recommend Panelict to anyone willing to build and promote their businesses with a more global and captivating design!
Ustadh Afeez Akanni Otun
Director, An-Nubalaa International Academy

Google Reviews

Hammed HayindeHammed Hayinde
14:03 26 May 23
I recommend Panelict Technologies and Consulting to everybody who wanted to1. Register names with CAC2. Website Creation3. Website Design4. Logo Designs etc.They are realible and dependable.
I recommend panelict technology and consulting to you regarding anything that has to do with technology such has CAC registration, CV and cover letter writing.They have my unreserved recommendation for the above mentioned and anything similar to it, partner with them today you will not regret it in sha Allah.
Tope LanreTope Lanre
17:46 25 May 23
I contacted Panelict for my company registration with the CAC and they made the process very easy and smooth. They were very transparent throughout the process, delivered at the very right time and still too time to explain to me all the documents they sent. Thank you so much Panelict.
Olawale HassanOlawale Hassan
13:17 25 May 23
The service rendered by Panelict Technologies is parallel to non, I employed their service for a business registration exercise, they were dedicated, timely and above all supportive. I wouldn't have anyone else do it. Thank you
13:14 22 May 23
The good customer relation, trustworthiness, prompt service and high level of professionalism are some of the reasons to choose panelict technologies anyday anytime . One can never go wrong having them handle one's tech project. May Allah continues to flourish your company .BarakaLahu fikum, wa JazakumuLahu khayran

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